World of Warcraft Shadowlands PVP Season Two Guide

Shadowlands PVP Scaling

Shadowlands PVP Season Two Began on the 6th of July, 2021. The PVP Gear Scaled are up by 13 item levels in the three modes; War, Arena, and Battlegrounds. So, if you have an item level of 177, then it will only remain the same in PvE. However, in PVP, it will be of level 190.

Shadowlands PVP Vendors

You can buy equipment, wow PVP gear, from the vendor named Oribos, who is at the coordinates: 35, 57. Apart from that, Purveyor Zo’Kuul sells Rank 1 Honor PVP gear (Item level 177), Zo’sorg sells Unranked Conquest PVP gear (Item Level 220), and Aggressor Zo’dash can upgrade your PVP gear for Honor (Up to Rank 7). When we talk about Strategiest Zo’rak, you will have the option to complete two quests with him each week; the first one being Observing Arenas, where you have to obtain 250 Conquest to receive the wow PVP gear of 2x Multi-Modal Anima Container and 500 Honor, and Observing Skirmishes, where you have to obtain 250 Honor from Arena Skirmishes to receive 1x Multi-Modal Anima Container and 350 Honor. Finally, Zo’sorg, the NPC who offers a new War Mode Quest called ‘New Opportunities Await’. In order to complete it, you must enable the War Mode and defeat 20 players in Korthia, and upon doing so, you will be rewarded with a level 220 Trinket called Unchained Gladiator’s Shackles.

Shadowlands Honor PVP Gear & Upgrading System

The World Of Warcraft shadowlands PVP gear starts at Rank 1, also known as Item Level 117, and the item cost will entirely depend upon the slot. So, Amulets, Back, Wrist, and Ring cost 525 Honor. Shoulders, Hands, Waist, and Feet cost 700 Honor. Head, Chest, Legs, and One-Hand Weapon Cost 875 Honor. Trinkets cost 525 and 700 Honor. While, Two-handed weapons cost the most, which is 1,750 Honor.

As mentioned above, the wow shadowlands PVP gear starts at Rank 1, and it can be upgraded up to Rank 7, which is Item Level 216. The whole process is done with the help of Honor points, and the upper limit of the upgrade is determined by your Renown level. Also, you can also hold up to a maximum of 15,000 Honor points. To upgrade, you will have to speak to Aggressor Zo’dash and drag an item to the window interface, which will allow you to view the stats of the next upgraded rank, as well as how much it will cost you.

To upgrade your PVP Gear to Rank 4 and Rank 5 with wow pvp rewards, you will need level 43 in Renown, and to upgrade your PVP gear to Rank 6 and Rank 7, you will need level 59 in Renown for wow pvp rewards.

Shadowlands Honor PVP Gear Upgrade Cost

Head, Chest, Leg, and One-Hand Weapon Slot – Rank 2: +7 Item Levels and 750 Honor Points. Rank 3: +6 Item Levels and 1,150 Honor Points. Rank 4: +7 Item Levels and 2,050 Honor Points. Rank 5: +6 Item Levels and 2,250 Honor Points. Rank 6: +7 Item Levels and 2,275 Honor Points. Rank 7: +6 Item Levels and 2,425 Honor Points.

Amulet, Ring, Trinket, Cloak, and Wrist Slot – Rank 2: +7 Item Levels and 300 Honor Points. Rank 3: +6 Item Levels and 450 Honor Points. Rank 4: +7 Item Levels and 825 Honor Points. Rank 5: +6 Item Levels and 900 Honor Points. Rank 6: +7 Item Levels and 900 Honor Points. Rank 7: +6 Item Levels and 975 Honor Points.

Shoulder, Hands, Waist, and Feet Slot – Rank 2: +7 Item Levels and 400 Honor Points. Rank 3: +6 Item Levels and 600 Honor Points. Rank 4: +7 Item Levels and 1,100 Honor Points. Rank 5: +6 Item Levels and 1,200 Honor Points. Rank 6: +7 Item Levels and 1,200 Honor Points. Rank 7: +6 Item Levels and 1,300 Honor Points.

Two-Handed Weapon Slot – Rank 2: +7 Item Levels and 1,000 Honor Points. Rank 3: +6 Item Levels and 1,500 Honor Points. Rank 4: +7 Item Levels and 2,750 Honor Points. Rank 5: +6 Item Levels and 3,000 Honor Points. Rank 6: +7 Item Levels and 3,000 Honor Points. Rank 7: +6 Item Levels and 3,250 Honor Points.

Off-Hand Item Slot – Rank 2: +7 Item Levels and 250 Honor Points. Rank 3: +6 Item Levels and 350 Honor Points. Rank 4: +7 Item Levels and 700 Honor Points. Rank 5: +6 Item Levels and 750Honor Points. Rank 6: +7 Item Levels and 725 Honor Points. Rank 7: +6 Item Levels and 825 Honor Points.

Upgrading Shadowlands Conquest PVP Gear

There’s basically a cap on how many conquests you can earn during a season. The cap increases by 500 every week, which means week 1 is 500 and then during week 2, the cap is 1,100. Let me give you a clear example – If you earn 550 Conquest in week 1, you can earn 550 in the next week too. However, if you earn no Conquest during week 1, the points stack up, and you can earn 1,100 in the following week. Also, if you earn 350 conquests during the first week, then you will have access to earning 750 during the second week.

Let’s have a look at the Conquest gear starting at Item Level 220. The cost entirely depends on the items slot – Back, Wrist, and Rings cost 525 Conquest. Shoulders, Hands, Waist, and Feed cost 700 Conquest. Head, Chest, and Legs cost 875 Conquest. Trinkets cost 525 and 700 Conquest. One-Hand Weapons cost 1,350 Conquest. Off-hands and Amulets cost 450 Conquest. Finally, the most expensive one, which is the Two-Hand Weapons that cost 1,800 Conquest.

The Conquest gear upgrade begins at Rank 1 (Item level 220) to Rank 5 (item level 246), and the process can be initiated with the help of Honor points. The upper limit of your upgrade entirely depends on the current rating bracket in Battlegrounds or Arena. For instance, Unranked (Item Level 220), Combatant (Item level 226), Challenger (Item Level 233), Rival (Item level 240), and Duelist (Item Level 246).

Shadowlands PVP Rewards

If you successfully complete the achievement called Unchained Gladiator: Shadowlands Season 2 and become the Gladiator of the PVP Season, then you will receive the Unchained Gladiator’s Soul Easter Mount.

World of Warcraft’s Stranglethorn Vale Fishing Extravaganza

If you have a good fishing skill in the online community of World of Warcraft, you’ll need to think about joining Stranglethorn Vale’s Fishing Extravaganza. Every Sunday at 2 pm server time the call will go out that the tournament has begun. This is where Swim Speed Potions and a mount really come in handy, as you will need to be able to get from the fishing pool to the fishing pool as quickly as possible. You can’t just fish in any water; you’ll have to get to specific pools that will come up. More on that later.

Being a fisherman in World of Warcraft’s fishing tournament, you’ll need about a 250 skill level. This can be natural, or a combination of skill and lures. Having a fishing pole with an additional bit of fishing skill is a good bet too. You can get an enchanter to enchant a pair of cheap gloves to wear for this tournament too, as there is a +2 to skill available.

The Fishing Extravaganza is about one thing: Being the first to get 40 tasty fish and bringing them back to Riggle Bassbait in Booty Bay. Having your hearthstone already set for Booty Bay helps this tremendously, as you can hearth back as soon as you pull in that number 40 fish. Winning the tournament will get you the Arcanite Fishing Pole that gives a +35 to fishing skill. It requires a fishing skill level of 300. You also have a choice to get the Hook of the Master Angler. This trinket requires the owner to be a level 60 character and will increase your swim speed by 25%. For all those that don’t win the tournament, you are still able to fish for these special fish or to try to find the three rare fish that are out during this time. For every 5 tastyfish you turn in you will get 23 silver as payment. Turning in the three rare fish will reward you in different ways.

Dezian Queenfish – gives the High Test Eternium Fishing Line. This requires a fishing level of 150 and a level of 10 for the character. It adds +5 to any fishing pole permanently.

Brownell’s Blue Striped Racer – gives Nat Pagle’s Extreme Angling Boots. This requires a fishing level of 1 and a level of 5 for the character. It adds +5 to fishing skill.

Keefer’s Angelfish – gives the Lucky Fishing Hat. This requires a fishing level of 1 and a level of 5 for the character. It adds +5 to fishing skill.

General Warcraft Strategies to Keep in Mind When Playing a Rogue

Playing a rogue in the world of warcraft is an extremely fun thing to do. The relative simplicity of the class does little, however, to deter questions such as the following:
*zomg WHY didn’t my healer heal me?

*Why do I always die in 5 man’s?!

*Why is my damage crappy compared to other classes?!

Before diving into specifics, let’s just review what the rogue class does: the rogue is primarily concerned with doing damage (and lots of it), while also being a crowd-controller (to a lesser extent). This simple review of the function of the class should tell you a couple of things, namely:

*You can’t do your primary task, to do lots of damage, when you are dead–so don’t forget to have ENOUGH stamina.

*Take advantage of the rogue’s variety of crowd-controlling mechanics: you have more than sap available to you!

I see a lot of rogues that are ONLY concerned with damage. If a monster is attacking a healer in a group, I sometimes notice that the rogue doesn’t change any of his combat tactics to help the group out. This is more of a concern in 5-man dungeons/instances. If you notice your healer getting rocked, and your tank cannot or is not doing anything about it, consider the following:

*gouge, kidney shot, or vanish (be careful with this one, it wipes aggro and the second person on the aggro list becomes the first person, so hope it’s not the priest) the current mob you are fighting and sprint or just get your butt over to your healer. Once there, gouge, kick, kidney shot, blind, slow (via crippling poison) and otherwise contain the monster while trying to bring it back to the tank (assuming the tank is alive). If and when the monster is close enough to the tank, the tank can taunt and the fight can be controllable again. If the monster is landing hard hits on you, pop evasion and pray that you dodge the big hits. Otherwise, vanish at the last opportunity if you can, blind and bandage, or sacrifice yourself for your group (in most cases, a healer surviving at the expense of a rogue is a win overall for the group)

*remember not to let yourself die–rogues are squishier than they often give themselves credit for. Our dodge chances have been reduced a lot and “evasion tanking” isn’t as viable as it once was. If you take a couple of hits from most any monster of equal or higher level, you will die.

*DON’T EXPECT HEALS—but DO watch your healer! If you are dying a lot and usually do not die frequently, consider keeping a closer eye on your healer. If your healer appears to be AFK during trash pulls, and you’re experiencing the implications of it, then you need to communicate this with your group so that a change can be made. Other than that, in general you should NOT expect heals and bandage when and if necessary!

Other group-function questions:

*Why isn’t my damage that good, I thought that rogues were damage dealers?
When facing this question, you really need to ask yourself other questions to see your lackluster performance can be explained away. First, some fights are simply BAD for melee-type classes (e.g. first boss in Mana Tombs). Don’t judge yourself to be a horrible player because of one boss. Look at the meters after each boss and total them, THEN make a call.

Look at your talent specialization build! Sorry folks, subtlety is fun but worthless for doing sustained damage over time (unless you are particularly ingenious and make ideal use of cooldowns and DoT’s) Combat swords, combat daggers, full assassination spec’s, and combat fists will do some great damage for you.

If you have a good talent build but are still lacking in the damage meters, consider the gear of other group members. A fully epic holy paladin will and can beat out a green/blue rogue in some cases. Keep that in mind.

ALWAYS, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, HAVE SLICE AND DICE UP IN PVE. The following is an ideal combo point strategy for combat swords:

Sinister strike, sinister strike, slice and dice—rinse and repeat. If you’re really needing to get poison on your target fast, consider substituting one of the initial sinister strikes for a shiv.

I hope all of this very general information was useful! At the least, I hope you remember to mind your SnD’s (Slice and Dice’s) and your BLINDING POWDER.

RuneScape Money-Making Guide: Mining Essence

Are you tired of people calling you a noob in RuneScape? Have you always dreamed of having that santa hat to match with your santa suit? Are you tired of being the only one in your clan without a godsword? Do you want people to stop calling you a “noob” when you walk around? Well, you can make as much as 200k per hour mining rune essence or pure essence, a fast and easy way to make money! Mining rune essence and pure essence was always an extremely easy and fast money making method, though Jagex’s (the company that makes RuneScape) crackdowns on macros and bots has caused the price of essence to skyrocket. Mining rune essence is one of the easiest and fastest methods of making money for free players, and mining pure essence is a decent and fast method of making money for members.
Here’s what you need:

• Rune Mysteries quest completed

• A pickaxe

• Decent mining level to speed up mining

• Level 30 mining optional if you are a member and want to mine pure essence

• Level 66 magic optional if you are a member for access to the Wizards’ Guild to speed up banking

• Weight-reducing equipment optional if you have a low agility level

What’s so good about this method?

Mining essence is one of the most popular ways of making money; players will see many miners with high and low combat levels mining rune essence in East Varrock in practically any world. If you have level 30 mining or higher, you will automatically mine pure essence instead of rune essence, which sells for three times more.

Where do I go?

After completing the Rune Mysteries quest, you can be teleported to the Rune Essence by a few NPCs around RuneScape. The ones closest to a bank are Aubury, in her shop in East Varrock, and Wizard Distentor in the Wizards’ Guild. However, to have Wizard Distentor teleport you, you must have level 66 magic for entry. If using Aubury, use the bank in East Varrock to bank. If using Wizard Distentor, bank using the Yanille bank.

Useful tips:

• Wield your pickaxe to save space

• It is also helpful to use weight-reducing equipment if you are a member to conserve energy

I hope this guide has been useful; good luck and have fun with your newfound wealth! Finally, if you are in need of a free RuneScape membership, please see this article.

City of Heroes – Breaking the Bank

Influence is everything in City of Heroes. Well, not quite everything – it can’t buy you unique rewards, after all – but if you want to have the best enhancements while levelling your toon, it’s vital to have as much as possible. To properly equip a level 50, I am told, you’re going to need about 150 million. Now, I’m just a new player, but that seems an awful lot to me. So how to accumulate such quantities? Here’s two ways I’ve found so far.
Firstly, there’s the invention system. After level 10, characters gain the ability to create enhancements in the University (or in their super-group’s base). At level 12, the level 15 inventions become usable. The best thing about them is that they don’t degrade as the toon levels further: their bonus percentage (which is significantly better than most other enhancements) stays the same. This means they are in demand. Rather than heading straight to the University, though, I would suggest stopping at Wentworth’s. Standard level 15 invention recipes drop pretty often from mobs, so there’s usually a decent supply of them available for purchase at low prices. Given that even a basic recipe will cost several thousand influence if purchased from an invention terminal (assuming you have no badges yet, that is), picking them up from Wentworth’s at 500 or 1,000 influence apiece is obviously a better move.

The best sellers are, of course, those inventions that everyone wants. Damage, recharge reduction, healing, endurance reduction, range and movement speed are all, for example, solid money-makers. This brings us to the secondary advantage of inventing for money: while doing so, your toon will earn badges that reduce the price of the recipes bought from the terminals. Fewer trips to Wentworth’s. Can’t be bad.

Secondly, and more importantly, players can manipulate stock at Wentworth’s. Within my first week of playing the game, one of my toons was making at least 100,000 influence per day simply by buying and selling sensibly for a total of maybe 10 minutes a day. To be honest, I was shocked at how easy it is, especially considering my lack of game knowledge. I’m just working with the very basics here. The system works like this: buy low, sell high. That’s maybe overly simple… the trick is to spot the items that people want, understand why, then make your bids to ensure you always have a stock of those popular goods on sale. Elementary, I know, but that’s pretty much the whole thing.

This is where the two points converge. Certain basic invention salvage items are like gold dust because they are used in the most popular recipes. By bidding low on those, then re-selling them at a much higher price, you can very easily keep your toon in costumes, enhancements and donuts. Some examples include boresights, brass, inanimate carbon rods, luck charms, spell scrolls and spiritual essences. I would suggest buying, say, 10 brass for 250 influence each. Once they’re bought, put them up on sale at 2,000 each. That’s eight times your investment (minus the fees) for only 2,500 starting cash. Depending on your server, you might be able to get more.

I tend to do my buying when I log in and the selling when I log out. That way, I play for a while as my stock arrives, then put it up for sale to ensure I have income on my return. Obviously, as my knowledge of the game grows and my finances get even better, some of the biggest items will become available to me for reselling, and then the profits really will roll in!

Half Minute Hero for PSP Keeps You Coming Back, Half-minutes at a Time

Half-Minute Hero, by Marvelous Entertainment was released in October of 2009 for the Playstation Portable, and quickly became one of the can’t-miss titles for the handheld.
Adopting nearly all old-school RPG cliches (a hero appears! There is a castle over there with a bad guy, but we must first kill weak enemies to become powerful enough to face our enemy!) and actually embracing them would seem to make for a boring re-tread, but Half Minute Hero comes with a twist:

You’ve got to save the world in 30 seconds.

Every level of the primary game mode, (referred to as Hero 30 mode) begins with an evil lord in a new area casting a spell that will destroy the world… but much to their chagrin, it takes them 30 seconds to cast. With the help of a greedy Time goddess to help you turn back the clock as many times as you can afford, you must quickly explore the local cities and landscape, discovering new equipment, solving quests, finding alternate paths, and if all goes according to plan, defeating the evil lord… all before the timer runs out.

The combination of twitch gaming and RPG mechanics make this game quite enthralling as it is: however, with a large number of branching paths, hidden and optional quests, rare creatures, optional puzzles, and other surprises, the game shows a very impressive depth. It really is a very deep, involving, rewarding epic journey: just server out in 30 second increments. Will you be able to defeat all the evil lords?

Not willing to stop here, the title includes a number of other lesser developed modes: a Hero300 mode where one longer, more involved final quest must be achieved over 5 minutes: a rudimentary RTS mode where the player deploys and controls monsters to do thy bidding: a fast-paced action shooter mode involving a princess and her crossbows, and for the completely hardcore, there is an unlockable mode entitled Hero 3, where the entire mission from journeying out naked to defeating the evil lord must be done in, you guessed it, 3 second increments

The fascinatingly unique gameplay of the Hero modes make up the bulk of this title, but with the addition of the other game modes, the quirky and fun intertwining plot between the modes, and the sheer depth and fun factor make Half-Minute hero a must-have title for the PSP owner who enjoys RPGs, casual gaming, or just plain fun. The quirky, pseudo-throwback graphics and music are extremely well done, and this highly polished title is another fantastic reason for PSP owners to rejoice; if only for 30 seconds at a time.