RuneScape Money-Making Guide: Mining Essence

Are you tired of people calling you a noob in RuneScape? Have you always dreamed of having that santa hat to match with your santa suit? Are you tired of being the only one in your clan without a godsword? Do you want people to stop calling you a “noob” when you walk around? Well, you can make as much as 200k per hour mining rune essence or pure essence, a fast and easy way to make money! Mining rune essence and pure essence was always an extremely easy and fast money making method, though Jagex’s (the company that makes RuneScape) crackdowns on macros and bots has caused the price of essence to skyrocket. Mining rune essence is one of the easiest and fastest methods of making money for free players, and mining pure essence is a decent and fast method of making money for members.
Here’s what you need:

• Rune Mysteries quest completed

• A pickaxe

• Decent mining level to speed up mining

• Level 30 mining optional if you are a member and want to mine pure essence

• Level 66 magic optional if you are a member for access to the Wizards’ Guild to speed up banking

• Weight-reducing equipment optional if you have a low agility level

What’s so good about this method?

Mining essence is one of the most popular ways of making money; players will see many miners with high and low combat levels mining rune essence in East Varrock in practically any world. If you have level 30 mining or higher, you will automatically mine pure essence instead of rune essence, which sells for three times more.

Where do I go?

After completing the Rune Mysteries quest, you can be teleported to the Rune Essence by a few NPCs around RuneScape. The ones closest to a bank are Aubury, in her shop in East Varrock, and Wizard Distentor in the Wizards’ Guild. However, to have Wizard Distentor teleport you, you must have level 66 magic for entry. If using Aubury, use the bank in East Varrock to bank. If using Wizard Distentor, bank using the Yanille bank.

Useful tips:

• Wield your pickaxe to save space

• It is also helpful to use weight-reducing equipment if you are a member to conserve energy

I hope this guide has been useful; good luck and have fun with your newfound wealth! Finally, if you are in need of a free RuneScape membership, please see this article.